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If carousels are increasingly used by brands and experienced LinkedIn users, many are still unaware of this format and its interest, especially to optimize the Dwell Time of LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Here is the link to his LinkedIn post, where he gives all the details. On his profile, you’ll find several examples of carousels you can replicate, as well as the tools and tricks he uses to create them.

Whether you decide to share instructional articles, repurpose blog content, share infographics and more. LinkedIn carousel-formatted posts are a powerful way to bring the community together and share your knowledge for the benefit of all.

To get your message across clearly and compellingly, try to use 5-15 slides at most. They should not only contain text, but a whole visual universe that makes you want to read more.

PS: Now you know all about the LinkedIn carousel! Now you just have to get going and measure the results and organic reach of your posts on each new carousel. We’re sure it will take off.

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For example, if you want to know how many people fill out a content download form, you will only need to install the code snippet on the thank you page of your form. That is, although the base code (the pixel) will have to be the same throughout your domain, the standard event code snippets may vary depending on the page of your site.

With custom conversions, we can create rules for URLs or standard events to measure more specific actions. That is, we can associate a conversion to a set of standard offline events.

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If we have never installed it on our website, when we click on “Pixel” we will see a first screen that will indicate the steps to follow. In the next screen we write the name of the Pixel (I recommend that the name is related to the advertising account) and click on Create Pixel.    We have already created our Pixel, now we must install it.

Once we have created our Pixel, and remember that it is only possible to create one per advertising account, we must install it. The Ad Manager is very intuitive and will show us the steps to follow, there is no loss. The next screen that emerges is the installation of our pixel code.

A premise that we must keep in mind is that the base code of the pixel should be inserted in the header code of each page of the website, above the <head> tag and it is very important that the code is not modified.

➡️ Use a tag manager that in a simple way tells us the steps we must follow. In this case we arrive at the same point as if we had selected in the previous step “use a tag manager”.

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Remarketing is a communication technique that, contrary to what many believe, did not arise in the digital media. Although it is widely used in social networks and by email, it can also be used in many different traditional media, such as billboards, magazines and even by phone.

Unlike point-of-sale purchases, an online sale generally requires more research, and occurs less frequently on impulse. Thus, it is necessary to make a potential customer remember your brand before closing a deal.